Bottlenose Dolphins
White-beaked dolphins
Rissos' Dolphin
Minke Whale surfacing


The North East Cetacean Project (NECP) is a new initiative which aims to generate up-to-date information on the status of cetaceans (the collective name for dolphins and whales) off the Northumberland coastline and beyond. We are particularly interested in the White-beaked Dolphin, a cold water species which is threatened with warming sea temperatures brought about through climate change. The cold, deep waters off the Northumberland coast are suspected to be an important area for this dolphin species, but current data is lacking. Other important species regularly recorded off the North East cost include Bottlenose Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise, Minke Whale, whilst rarer species recorded have included Pilot Whale and Humpback Whale.

Thanks to funding from Natural England and the Tyneside Bird Club a winter survey of the Farne Deeps and surrounding waters for White-beaked Dolphins and other marine animals is currently being undertaken. However, in order to gain a wider knowledge of the dolphins and whales found in our seas, we urgently need your help.

Photo by Tom Brereton

How you can help

Dolphins often come to play around boats, and at times can be seen from land as they swim past or feed close inshore. If you see a dolphin or whale, please report the information to us. You can use our online recording form, or simply fill in a sightings postcard, available from North East Cetacean Project, 18 Frances Ville, Scotland Gate, Northumberland, NE62 5ST. Submit a sighting

You can contact us at

Latest News

Friday, August 23, 2013 - 13:20

This summer July and August have been fantastic for sightings of whales, dolphins and sea birds right here in the North Sea. Last month there were frequent sightings of Minke Whale made by many observers from the headlands across the North Sea Coast.  The warm summer weather with calm seas no doubt helped to make it easier for dedicated and casual sea watchers alike to have some quite unique encounters.

Regional Weather

Few clouds
  • Few clouds
  • Temperature: 20 °C
  • Wind: W, 20.4 km/h
  • Pressure: 1021 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 73 %
  • Visibility: 10 km
  • Sunrise: 05:08 GMT
  • Sunset: 19:05 GMT
Reported on: Tue, 30/08/2016 - 08:50
The NECP was established in 2010 and is a collaboration between the charity Marinelife, Natural England, Northern Experience Wildlife Tours, and the Tyneside Bird Club, with support from the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee.
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